Looking forward to 2010

This has been an interesting time for me. One of the things that I am really enjoying this time of the year is looking at what I have accomplished and what I would like to do with my life in the year ahead.

I am not going into the accomplishments here at this time, but I am pleased with the steps I have taken to add some variety to the school in 2010. We have added Yoga, Capoeira, Tai Chi, Aikido, and arts from the Phillippines. In addition to that I am speaking with a meditation group about bringing the stress reducing practice of meditation to our school.

All of this is in line with my vision for the school. That vision includes having students who are well rounded and who practice what they learn about focus and perseverance and commitment to their community. All of these arts will contribute to the growth of our students. (that includes me.) Our students will see me as I am a white belt in all of the arts just listed. More on all of these new offerings in the month of January.


“living life skillfully”

Today I read a comment on Tom Callos’s Facebook page and it went like this:

“Sure like what you and the New Way Network are doing with Martial Arts not by teaching “life skills” but by living life skillfully and inspiring others to to the same thing.”

That is when it struck me.  The role I have taken on in the community is one of “living life skillfully” and being an example of this to others.  So I thought I would share with the world what I wrote up as my purpose in life.

My purpose is to use my enthusiasm and patience to teach and lead others to be their best physically, mentally and spiritually for the good of themselves and others.

To do that better I need to share more of my life with everyone and let them see what I am working on and how I am doing with those goals.  You will also see the areas I struggle with and how I either persevere and get through it or fail and start over.   Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in the world was working on themselves and helping others do the same.

I hope to set an example and others will join me.  I could use the help with my physical workouts and having others to talk to that are interested in the same goals of supporting, inspiring, teaching and leading others to bring out the best in themselves.


images-1Motivation is a funny thing.  When you are in motion and getting things done that are important for your progress – it is almost always easy to stay in motion.  When you begin to slow down and take it easy on yourself, then getting motivated to get in motion is much harder.  I see in myself that I still have stronger weeks and days and then some weaker ones. Continue reading

A quest to mastery

The purpose of the UBBT 6 is to grow in our quest to mastery.  Mastery not just of the physical skills, but really mastery of life.  This week in my post on the UBBT site I talked about the Mastery Quote that we are assigned to memorize.  The one section of this post was especially reaching me this past couple of weeks, dealing with our attitude towards masters and ourselves. Continue reading

10 ways to get into routine (or back on your routine)


It has been very hard for me to get back into my routine.  I have moments when everything feels like it is getting there and then there is a breakdown and I feel completely disconnected again.  Does Hawaii do that to you or is it something else?  When we come back from summer vacation it can be a releif that there is more routine in our lives.  Use this time to re-establish your personal routine to a better you.

To get back into routine there are some simple steps to take: Continue reading

Hawaii trip

I am on a trip to visit with Tom Callos and a couple of the others who are a part of UBBT 6. So far it has rained a bit everyday but not like the last time I was here. This is the complete opposite of any martial arts convention I have ever been too. There is none of the ego – “how many schools, students, cars, money” – do you have and just some honest talk about how to improve ourselves, school and students. Continue reading

I am: Proactive

I am responsible for my actions and responses to outside forces. I can choose my behavior and how others actions toward me affect me. I will not allow the past to be an excuse for choosing to react to situations in any manner that does not fit with my values. Continue reading

Determining my pupose in life

meaning of lifeFor the past couple of weeks I have been revisiting what it is that I am trying to accomplish.  What is my purpose for being on this earth?   Am I headed in the correct direction to do well with that purpose?  It has been a process.  Yesterday I finally was able to write down what I believe my purpose to be and so here it is. Continue reading

Physical activity creates a better you!

The following is the note I made in my physical journal.  I changed something up in my way of approaching my sets and biking.  I have been alternating biking and doing my push ups and sit ups so  that I am able to get 10 miles or more on the bike and my 5 sets in between.  It is giving me a good workout prior to the rest of the routine. Continue reading

I am: Thoughtful

caring-1_000I am thoughtful.
I am considerate, caring and attentive.
I am understanding
I am compassionate
I am contemplative, philosophical, meditative

I am caring for the feelings of others.  You can see in the eyes and face of a person the feelings of being joyful or scared, free spirited or reserved.  I am considerate of these, just as if it were myself who was having those feelings.  I remember my own experiences and so I am thoughtful of others understanding that with some assistance, with some thoughtfulness they may be able to grow from their experience with me and then with others.

Being thoughtful does not come without practice.  Thoughtfulness is a practice. I practice contemplation first.  Meditation on the moment.  Sitting with just the practice of putting myself in the other persons place.  What would it be like to….?  How would I feel if….? Continue reading