Physical activity creates a better you!

The following is the note I made in my physical journal.  I changed something up in my way of approaching my sets and biking.  I have been alternating biking and doing my push ups and sit ups so  that I am able to get 10 miles or more on the bike and my 5 sets in between.  It is giving me a good workout prior to the rest of the routine.

“Today was decent with a great deal of other things going on.  I am very happy with the combination of the bike and sets and then work on the other pieces of the physical. I also posted an I am today and that made me happy too.”

The I am I posted was on being thoughtful.  Even this part of the test I am understanding better as I practice doing them.  It is not just thoughts but also a way of creating an affirmation of want I want to be, I am, or I am working on being.  It is a way of making me aware of what I should be continuing to work on.

Here is a very interesting fact that I would like to share with everyone.  The more I work out and do the physical part of the UBBT, the more I am able to think clearly about other parts of the school, my test and family.  In fact there is no part of my life that is not affected.  I throw that out there so that if anyone is feeling not so good about some part of their life, I am going to suggest to get involved in a physical activity.  Of course I think it should be our martial arts, but find something that you can do that works you out everyday.  Find an activity that gets your cardio going and is making you stronger.  I believe that you, like me,  will find everything else will become clearer.


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