Hawaii trip

I am on a trip to visit with Tom Callos and a couple of the others who are a part of UBBT 6. So far it has rained a bit everyday but not like the last time I was here. This is the complete opposite of any martial arts convention I have ever been too. There is none of the ego – “how many schools, students, cars, money” – do you have and just some honest talk about how to improve ourselves, school and students.

We have done some pretty interesting things too like a visit to several water falls, in the water with giant sea turtles and a look at some local architecture. What does this have to do with martial arts? All of these things are a part of life and what I feel like we are really teaching our students is not just the physical part of the arts, but about life. Learning to appreciate everything around us, how to take what we learn on the practice mat into the world.

It is also a time for some down time. A bit of relaxing and rejuvenation for everyone to be ready to get back into the new sessions when we return home. I am very comfortable here. I am re working my own mind for being a better teacher of life art and peace when I return.


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