A quest to mastery

The purpose of the UBBT 6 is to grow in our quest to mastery.  Mastery not just of the physical skills, but really mastery of life.  This week in my post on the UBBT site I talked about the Mastery Quote that we are assigned to memorize.  The one section of this post was especially reaching me this past couple of weeks, dealing with our attitude towards masters and ourselves.

When we see someone who is really good at something this quote encourages us not to resent them but rather to recognize them as masters and be compassionate with yourself so that you give yourself the time and room to grow, with nourishment, into your own individual mastery.  All of us are different.  We do not have the same skills, personality or ways.  But at the same time all of us are the same.  We have similar fears, concerns and needs.

There are very few things that no one has done before.  So when we see someone that has accomplished a task or skill and that is something that we want to be able to do, the truth is we can do it.  The only question is if we have the perseverance and determination to follow the steps and examples that the master has done.  If we follow the same steps – we will likely get the same results.

I am testing this myself.  I am learning how to be a better teacher and motivator.  I am studying those that before I may have resented and put down.  But now I refuse to condemn myself, or others, but rather I am working on cutting out the negative talk in my head and stepping into unknown ground.  I have the coaches in place.  Now I must practice.


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