“living life skillfully”

Today I read a comment on Tom Callos’s Facebook page and it went like this:

“Sure like what you and the New Way Network are doing with Martial Arts not by teaching “life skills” but by living life skillfully and inspiring others to to the same thing.”

That is when it struck me.  The role I have taken on in the community is one of “living life skillfully” and being an example of this to others.  So I thought I would share with the world what I wrote up as my purpose in life.

My purpose is to use my enthusiasm and patience to teach and lead others to be their best physically, mentally and spiritually for the good of themselves and others.

To do that better I need to share more of my life with everyone and let them see what I am working on and how I am doing with those goals.  You will also see the areas I struggle with and how I either persevere and get through it or fail and start over.   Wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone in the world was working on themselves and helping others do the same.

I hope to set an example and others will join me.  I could use the help with my physical workouts and having others to talk to that are interested in the same goals of supporting, inspiring, teaching and leading others to bring out the best in themselves.


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