Looking forward to 2010

This has been an interesting time for me. One of the things that I am really enjoying this time of the year is looking at what I have accomplished and what I would like to do with my life in the year ahead.

I am not going into the accomplishments here at this time, but I am pleased with the steps I have taken to add some variety to the school in 2010. We have added Yoga, Capoeira, Tai Chi, Aikido, and arts from the Phillippines. In addition to that I am speaking with a meditation group about bringing the stress reducing practice of meditation to our school.

All of this is in line with my vision for the school. That vision includes having students who are well rounded and who practice what they learn about focus and perseverance and commitment to their community. All of these arts will contribute to the growth of our students. (that includes me.) Our students will see me as I am a white belt in all of the arts just listed. More on all of these new offerings in the month of January.


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