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I am: Proactive

I am responsible for my actions and responses to outside forces. I can choose my behavior and how others actions toward me affect me. I will not allow the past to be an excuse for choosing to react to situations in any manner that does not fit with my values. Continue reading


I am: Thoughtful

caring-1_000I am thoughtful.
I am considerate, caring and attentive.
I am understanding
I am compassionate
I am contemplative, philosophical, meditative

I am caring for the feelings of others.  You can see in the eyes and face of a person the feelings of being joyful or scared, free spirited or reserved.  I am considerate of these, just as if it were myself who was having those feelings.  I remember my own experiences and so I am thoughtful of others understanding that with some assistance, with some thoughtfulness they may be able to grow from their experience with me and then with others.

Being thoughtful does not come without practice.  Thoughtfulness is a practice. I practice contemplation first.  Meditation on the moment.  Sitting with just the practice of putting myself in the other persons place.  What would it be like to….?  How would I feel if….? Continue reading