Your Journey

Welcome to Balanced Life Skills Ultimate Student / Leadership Academy here in Anne Arundel County. There are many groups that talk about teaching leadership, this is a journey where you live a life of leadership and learn by doing.

I am Joe Van Deuren and maybe you have seen my goals for 2009. I will be doing the UBBT for the second time.  You may or may not be a martial artist and or a black belt. Or maybe you used to take martial arts and it was a lot of fun and good discipline but you stopped when you got your ????? belt. Then I would say this may be just for you.

Even if you never took a martial art before you can understand that I believe that the word ‘life’ can be substituted for martial arts and the word ‘human’ can be substituted for martial artist.  We are all the same.  Our interest may be different, but at the end of the day, we all want to know that we lived life at a higher level and that we made a difference in the life of someone else and maybe in many others.

Come join us in this journey and you will see that when the whole village comes together we can have a huge impact on our world.  My instructor, Tom Callos, often gives the example of Rosa Parks.  Here was a small framed, “non-influential’ individual, who took action on a belief that has impacted millions of others.  What about us?  Could we not also as a group or community do the same?  Can we not take the kind of action in our own life and in our community that impacts our community?  I believe we can.  I believe it is just a matter of doing it, first for ourselves and then for others.

When we take action to be our best – it will impact everyone around us and more.  Please join with me on this journey this year with BLS Team 2009.

Learn more by contacting me with any questions.  Visit our studio.  Watch what we are doing this year, and better yet be a part of this transformation of yourself and others.  Can we not be as action oriented as Rosa Parks?