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If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem wonderful at all. Michaelangelo Continue reading

End the week on a high note

After a week of feeling a bit on the down side, we had some students come in and really act as a pick me up for me.  Everett Cortes in one day did Continue reading

Walk in pure woods

On Thursday of this week the team and I took an hour or so walk in some very pristine woods.  It was an area not touched by humans.  One with tree frogs and box turtles and yet still hurt by some invasive plants blown in from somewhere.  It was beautiful to see the water and lillies.  The dams built by beaver and listen to the birds singing even at 11 AM in the morning and hearing frogs that I have never heard before. Continue reading


Down days

This has been an interesting month.  First I had my 55th birthday. There was a great write up in the paper, like never before.  It was great press.  Then I found out I will need hip replacement at some point.  Even though I had a great start to the month physically and feel very strong, I just started feeling a bit down and like I had reached a limit that I could not go past.  Things started to slow down a bit for me.

I am feeling some pressure and worry about different parts of my own life.  I worry about the school and the direction I need to go.  But more important I want to live up to everything I want to be.  At times I have so many things that I want to do that nothing gets done.  Has anyone else ever felt that way?

So the last 2 days have not been my best.  I know that it is time to stop feeling sorry for myself or allowing my own negative thoughts to bog me down, and get on with what is important to me.  (Oh by the way, maybe I should make a list of what is important to me and then work on those things.)  If only we had the knowledge and wisdom that we get when we are older – when we were young.  I’m going to get this life thing down soon! 😉

The doctor says….

After all these years today I finally went to the doctor (a hip specialist ) to see what is going on in my hip area.  As you may know I have been dealing with some pretty major pain in the hip and groin area.  So here is what I found out.  Doctors words were:  Extreme arthritis in the hip.  Bone spurs causing the lack of motion.  Eventually, if not now hip replacement.  But could get a few more years depending on the pain with a bit of anti-inflammatory meds, heat and ice, maybe a cortisone shot.  The cartilage is gone from a major part of the hip socket.

So here is what I think of this.  I am very happy to know that the issues I have are real and not brought on by me not doing something.  It has been with me a long time and now I will just continue to work around them.  I will find something else or another way of doing things.  I am not put off by this, in fact I am a bit relieved.  I will continue to work smart and hard and doing my sparring with one leg and all push kicks.  Can you imagine?  This will be a challenge but I am ready for it.

Ultimate Black Belt Test 09 is half over

I cannot believe that I have not put anything up on this journal for this length of time.  It just shows that we really are creatures ( or at least I am) one that needs to be scheduled and sometimes prodded to do what we commit to do.

The month of June was one of my best physically and we were able to get the new improved website up for our students and all of those that are following our journey.  It may not have been the best month for the student members and I realize my responsibility to keep encouraging them along.  They have been a rock for me in many ways and I really appreciate having them there to help me out with the things you cannot do by yourself and to prod me too.

So the numbers are here at this link.  Totals for the 6 month time frame is here.

June Numbers

Total Numbers

So where do we go from here?  I have a lot that I want to accomplish in the next 7 months.  I am at 5 sets of 65 with my push ups and sit ups.  That is good.  I have not started my boxing or scheduled the self defense course.  That is bad.  I want to get some Kali in and have not started that yet.  That needs to get going very soon.  I am still struggling with getting all the miles in, though June was pretty good on its own.  Acts of Kindness are not getting recorded properly and I need to set the lead in that, especially with this school year coming up and the push I want to make in the school system.

So there is a lot of work to do.  Last Child in the Woods project, teacher instruction, new database with all of our drills in them, the I am project, Living Hero’s etc…

It takes a great deal of focus and concentration to live the life of a master.  I must take one day at a time and do my best every day.  I am still working on the focus thing.  How about you?  Would you focus with me for a month on one thing that we can all do better?  That is how I shall approach the end of this year knowing that I have next year and the Live Like a Champion coming up.  I would love to have you with me on that journey.  We can do more together than we can do alone.  Join me!

Father’s Day

today is fathers day. I can hardly remember my own father. Like most men in their 50’s my dad is no longer with me. In fact he has not been with me for over 40 years. My personal memories are not that great.

I remember his bad health, not working, smoking, calling me stupid, dying. I remember his strong hands, lean body, bald head. I remember the respect others had for him for his artistic talents. I remember him in my mothers arms as he took his last breath. Continue reading

good week of training

This past week as all weeks had its ups and downs.  I am feeling better in that hip area, though it is still there and nags me, sometimes very sharply.  But a good week of training and topped off with an overnight camping trip with my wife.  (it really was not roughing it, but good to relax)

I have been thinking about where I am now in all aspects of my life.  Continue reading

Daily reflection

Rocky Reflection at Lake LouiseThis weekend I took off from all physical activity, less the lawn mowing and there was that one 5 mile bike ride.  But other than that not too much.  I spent the weekend working on some writing, planning, reading and time with Karen, my wife.  This made me stop to think that I have not had much to say about the books I am reading.  The one I am reading at this time is called: Awakening the Buddhist Heart.

One of the suggestions that it makes is that we reflect on four basic thoughts Continue reading

Your influence on others

On our phone call today Tom Callos emphasized to us again how the process that we are going through and all of the things we are doing is not about us –  it is about the influence we have on others.  What are we doing to inspire others to act.

He told us again that it is not about the projects that we as instructors accomplish, but rather the projects that our students dream up and put into action.  It is not about how big they are, but rather about the ‘taking action’ that counts.

In the coming school year there are some changes coming as I continue to tweak the work we are doing.   The focus will be on moving others to take action and I encourage everyone who may read this not only to take action but be the catalyst of others actions.  More on this as we get through the summer months.