Determining my pupose in life

meaning of lifeFor the past couple of weeks I have been revisiting what it is that I am trying to accomplish.  What is my purpose for being on this earth?   Am I headed in the correct direction to do well with that purpose?  It has been a process.  Yesterday I finally was able to write down what I believe my purpose to be and so here it is. Continue reading


Physical activity creates a better you!

The following is the note I made in my physical journal.  I changed something up in my way of approaching my sets and biking.  I have been alternating biking and doing my push ups and sit ups so  that I am able to get 10 miles or more on the bike and my 5 sets in between.  It is giving me a good workout prior to the rest of the routine. Continue reading

I am: Thoughtful

caring-1_000I am thoughtful.
I am considerate, caring and attentive.
I am understanding
I am compassionate
I am contemplative, philosophical, meditative

I am caring for the feelings of others.  You can see in the eyes and face of a person the feelings of being joyful or scared, free spirited or reserved.  I am considerate of these, just as if it were myself who was having those feelings.  I remember my own experiences and so I am thoughtful of others understanding that with some assistance, with some thoughtfulness they may be able to grow from their experience with me and then with others.

Being thoughtful does not come without practice.  Thoughtfulness is a practice. I practice contemplation first.  Meditation on the moment.  Sitting with just the practice of putting myself in the other persons place.  What would it be like to….?  How would I feel if….? Continue reading

About the story

If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it wouldn’t seem wonderful at all. Michaelangelo Continue reading

End the week on a high note

After a week of feeling a bit on the down side, we had some students come in and really act as a pick me up for me.  Everett Cortes in one day did Continue reading

Walk in pure woods

On Thursday of this week the team and I took an hour or so walk in some very pristine woods.  It was an area not touched by humans.  One with tree frogs and box turtles and yet still hurt by some invasive plants blown in from somewhere.  It was beautiful to see the water and lillies.  The dams built by beaver and listen to the birds singing even at 11 AM in the morning and hearing frogs that I have never heard before. Continue reading

Down days

This has been an interesting month.  First I had my 55th birthday. There was a great write up in the paper, like never before.  It was great press.  Then I found out I will need hip replacement at some point.  Even though I had a great start to the month physically and feel very strong, I just started feeling a bit down and like I had reached a limit that I could not go past.  Things started to slow down a bit for me.

I am feeling some pressure and worry about different parts of my own life.  I worry about the school and the direction I need to go.  But more important I want to live up to everything I want to be.  At times I have so many things that I want to do that nothing gets done.  Has anyone else ever felt that way?

So the last 2 days have not been my best.  I know that it is time to stop feeling sorry for myself or allowing my own negative thoughts to bog me down, and get on with what is important to me.  (Oh by the way, maybe I should make a list of what is important to me and then work on those things.)  If only we had the knowledge and wisdom that we get when we are older – when we were young.  I’m going to get this life thing down soon! 😉