Black Belt

If you are a black belt in any one of the arts what does that mean to you?  For me it has changed and developed over the years and is so much more than just the physical.  At the same time it is important to me and everyone to be sure the physical stays strong, so where are you with your physical training.  If you feel like you would like to focus on that why not join with me in this journey.

At the same time as black belts we can do so much more to be our best, to be leaders in our community.  We have that responsibility – first with ourselves and then to lead others.  That is what this journey is about.

The Ultimate Black Belt Test is 12 months long. The requirements are listed below in brief and are available in detail at the official UBBT site. The creator and coach is Tom Callos.

Please feel free to contact Tom Callos or me about this unbelievable training!!


  1. 1000 repetitions of a single form
  2. 1000 rounds of sparring
  3. 1000 mile walk / run / swim / or bike
  4. 100 hours of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu
  5. 20 hours with a boxing or kickboxing coach
  6. 1 Reality based self defense course
  7. 10 public performances
  8. Complete the full Body for Life program
  9. 15 minutes of daily meditation
  10. 50,000 push ups
  11. 50,000 sit ups

Written / Film

  1. Weekly On Line UBBT Journal Entries
  2. Making and posting of one film
  3. Achieving and documenting 10 Personal Victories


  1. Attend two team events (There are 4 events to choose from: 4 day Eco -Adventure Hilo, Hawaii, 4 day house building project in rural Alabama, or 2 “Master’s Weekends” where we train with various teachers and engage in community events.
  2. Team info list and 25 contacts
  3. Two Anonymous Acts of Kindness to minimum of two teammates

Additional Requirements

  1. 1000 Acts of Kindness logged
  2. 10,000 Acts of Kindness through students and community
  3. Right one Wrong
  4. Mend one relationship gone bad
  5. Profile 10 Living Heroes
  6. Environmental Clean up Project
  7. Memorize one lengthy quote, poem or piece that is meaning full to you
  8. Seek out a Master conduct an interview and study with them if possible
  9. Empathy Training ( one day blind, mute, in a wheel chair)
  10. Reading Requirements (there is a reading list that we will publish later plus at least 4 more on your own.)


  1. Video Diary Challenge (produce a video diary once a month for 12 months)
  2. Go vegetarian for 12 months
  3. Anger Management Education Course
  4. The “Buy Nothing New” Challenge
  5. The 24 Pictures Challenge (record your physical transformation) make a slide show after a year.
  6. The Community Project Challenge (undertake 5-10 community based projects which benefit your community. Each project must include 10 other people and be recorded in writing, with pictures, and at least one film.)
  7. The White Belt Challenge (start a new style of martial arts as a white belt)