Not a martial artist?

The Ultimate Student Journey is 12 months long.  Since you are not involved in the martial arts you may be thinking this is not for you.  Quite to the contrary.  You could be a very special part of this group, bringing a fresh look at our journey.
First you may consider joining Balanced Life Skills and learn about this art.  But if not, that is OK, I am sure you have things in your life that you want to make better and live at a higher level.

Why would a non martial arts student of any age  be interested in a journey like this?

  • Your focus, confidence and leadership skills will improve.
  • You will train your body, mind, and spirit like never before.
  • You will get to hang out with people who want to live life at a level 10
  • You will have an impact on yourself and family (in a good way)
  • You will have FUN.  Maybe you will become a film maker!
  • You will become known in the community as an Action Hero
  • You will meet others across the nation who are working on the similar goals.
  • You will be helping Mr. Joe complete his test.
  • You may get to do one thing you always wanted to try!!

Please look at what you will be doing in the requirement section.  Do not be overwhelmed!    This will prove to be the best year of their life as you focus on improving yourself, you will have a great year of fun and progress.  I will be there along with Tom Callos to encourage you and you will have a whole team doing the same.

You can  learn more by sending me an email.  Ask any questions or concerns you may have. Don’t Wait.  Now is the time to act!

You will be enrolled automatically in the National Leadership Team.  This is a group of individuals from around the USA working to complete 5000 projects this year.  Balanced Life Skills is one of the member schools taking part in this project.

Most important:  Create your own year!

Not sure how?  I am here to help.  We will work to make this your best year ever!!


  1. 500 rounds of bagwork
  2. 500 mile walk / run / swim / or bike
  3. 50 hours of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu
  4. 10 hours with a boxing or kickboxing coach
  5. 1 Reality based self defense course
  6. Complete the Body for Life course
  7. 15 minutes of daily meditation
  8. 50,000 push ups (75 each day)
  9. 50,000 sit ups  (75 each day)

Written / Film

  1. Bi-monthly on line UBBT Journal Entries
  2. Making and posting of one film
  3. Achieving and documenting 5 Personal Victories (this is where it is the best.  What have you always promised yourself you would do and have not done?  Write a book, learn to paint, take a trip to ???somewhere.  I don’t know what it is – but we all have something.  What is yours?  This is your chance to achieve it.)


  1. Attend one team events (There are 4 events to choose from: 4 day Eco -Adventure in Hilo, Hawaii, 4 day house building project in rural Alabama, or 2 “Master’s Weekends” where we train with various teachers and engage in community events.)  You are invited to any of these, but Balanced Life Skills will be holding similar events at our school that you can take part in, in lieu of the travel.
  2. Get to know your teammates
  3. One Anonymous Act of Kindness to one teammates

Additional Requirements

  1. 500 Acts of Kindness logged
  2. 5000 Acts of Kindness through students and community
  3. Right one Wrong
  4. Mend one relationship gone bad
  5. Profile 5 Living Heroes
  6. Environmental Clean up Project
  7. Memorize one lengthy quote, poem or piece that is meaning full to you
  8. Seek out a Master conduct an interview and study with them if possible
  9. Empathy Training ( one day blind, mute)
  10. Reading Requirements (there is a reading list that we will publish later plus at least 4 more on your own.)


  1. Video Diary Challenge (produce a video diary once a month for 12 months)
  2. Go vegetarian for 12 months
  3. Anger Management Education Course
  4. The “Buy Nothing New” Challenge
  5. The 24 Pictures Challenge (record your physical transformation) make a slide show after a year.
  6. The Community Project Challenge (undertake 5 community based projects which benefit your community. Each project must include 10 other people and be recorded in writing, with pictures, and at least one film.)
  7. The White Belt Challenge (start a new anything like a white belt)