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images-1Motivation is a funny thing.  When you are in motion and getting things done that are important for your progress – it is almost always easy to stay in motion.  When you begin to slow down and take it easy on yourself, then getting motivated to get in motion is much harder.  I see in myself that I still have stronger weeks and days and then some weaker ones. Continue reading


Physical report @ 5 months

pushupsAt 5 months here is a report on my injuries, what is hurting and what is doing really better than expected.  Also two things I need to focus on this next few months. Continue reading

Daily post

Today is Memorial Day.  I am trying to get more regular with posting here what is happening on a day to day basis.  It is a way of keeping me on track and being held accountable for the work I am doing.

This morning I worked Continue reading

What am I eating?

I have had a number of comments asking me about what I am eating.  In the last few months I have changed my way of eating and the results have been very good for me.  There is the loss of weight (all fat), more energy (for those longer days), and just getting stronger.  So here is the basis of what I am doing and I will comment more on this, as I experience it more. Continue reading

New phase of training

This week I started weight training.  This is the first time in 5 years or so that I have done this.  The reason I stopped then was I irritated my elbow to the point that tendinitis set in and it got so bad that I could not hold a piece of paper.  Now I am tying to be smarter and more careful.

My first step was doing push ups in a controlled manner and increasing the size of the sets over the last 8 months.  I am now at 5 sets of 50 with a 10 minute break between each set.  I do these virtually everyday.  My goal is by the end of the year to be at 5 sets of 100 in that same time frame.  So far no problems with the elbows.

As you may know when you start a program you are measured in all kinds of ways.  measurements are no big deal to me.  But I am happy to report that my resting heart rate is 44 and body fat percentage is 11.9.  I may have a little way to go on that but I am pleased with the results of eating great and working out hard on a regular basis.  I will be talking more about each soon.

New phase of training

For the last couple of weeks there have been all sorts of highs and lows. There has been the highs of being awarded Business Partner of the Year with the Board of Education and our county Chamber of Commerce. We have been recognized for the contributions to many schools with our programs designed to enhance education and to communicate to our teachers how much we appreciate them.

I have learned the value of partnerships with other community organizations. When we partner with others it demonstrates our desire to be a community builder and to use the skills and influence we have with our martial arts training and schools to do good in our home towns.

On the other side as many people in the spring I deal with all the allergies and it has brought my energy level down at times. But this have given me the opportunity to practice discipline and be sure that my eating habits and exercise routine is solid. So I have worked on this and just this week have started working with a personal trainer in strength training. I have not done this for a number of years. But this time I believe I have found a trainer that has an approach that really fits my needs. More on this to come.

Weekend report

The rain barrel event at the school went very well. As of today we have 2 rain barrels completed by professional artist in the studio and 5 semi completed barrels by our students and one that really needs some serious re- working. But it was a great day.

I went to Boston and spent the weekend with my youngest son, who is college at Emerson. He has landed an internship at a publishing house near his apartment in Cambridge, and now is looking for a job to fill in the days and take care of some of his expenses. We came home on Monday morning and then I had classes that went very well.

That evening even though I was tired from the traveling, the fact that our team came together we had a great workout. The team is so important to the success of what we do. In the hour and a half that we had to work out we accomplished quite a bit including our forms, sets of pushups/siotups 8 rounds of sparring each and a little BJJ. Then we had time to review our first quarter of training.

So today I want to be sure everyone knows who is on the team here at BLS. Mary Cortes, Douglas Gross, Dan Hawkins. Dan just joined us after a trip to Alabama. He is a great addition and pushes me pretty well. He is very strong.