I am: Thoughtful

caring-1_000I am thoughtful.
I am considerate, caring and attentive.
I am understanding
I am compassionate
I am contemplative, philosophical, meditative

I am caring for the feelings of others.  You can see in the eyes and face of a person the feelings of being joyful or scared, free spirited or reserved.  I am considerate of these, just as if it were myself who was having those feelings.  I remember my own experiences and so I am thoughtful of others understanding that with some assistance, with some thoughtfulness they may be able to grow from their experience with me and then with others.

Being thoughtful does not come without practice.  Thoughtfulness is a practice. I practice contemplation first.  Meditation on the moment.  Sitting with just the practice of putting myself in the other persons place.  What would it be like to….?  How would I feel if….?

I am thoughtful of the possessions of others.  Being careful to treat it as if it were my very own and only prized possession.

I am attentive to the needs of the young and the old, the importance of relationships and feelings.  Asking myself on a scale of one to ten how is our relationship doing this week.  How can I mak it a ten?  There is an understanding deep inside of me that realizes that no matter how much praise I may get for whatever I may do, there is always room for improvment and it begins with being thoughtful.


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